Equitable Access to Economic Opportunity

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In 2020, we took a strong stand against racial injustice, pledging one million dollars to organizations that promote fairness and inclusion. This was the beginning of our long-term journey to create lasting change in our communities. Guided by our values, we were inspired by a desire to touch people’s lives in real, tangible ways. We believe that everyone, everywhere should have the same opportunity to reach their full potential and are focusing on promoting equitable access to economic opportunity in communities nationwide.

In support of our commitment, we are focused on four pathways to achieve economic opportunity for underrepresented communities: education, careers, access to credit and financial education, and entrepreneurship. These pathways focus on the people who need help today, so that by taking action now we can build a better future together.

CarMax’s ongoing commitment to promoting equitable access to economic opportunity will include close partnerships with the following nonprofit organizations who have proven expertise at the forefront of local initiatives.


SEO: CarMax will support SEO Scholars, a free, eight-year, academic program that transforms public high school students into college graduates. The program successfully educates and mentors underserved, low-income students in New York City and San Francisco to and through college—with a 90% graduation rate


STRIVE: While working with Black and Brown low-income communities, STRIVE offers a holistic program with in-demand skills and certifications to propel adults and young adults into careers, allowing them to build long-term financial independence.

TechForce Foundation: We are aiming to inspire for a new and diverse generation of transportation technicians by investing in TechForce’s mission to champion students to and through their education and into careers as professional technicians.

ASE Education Foundation: We are investing in ASE’s mission to bridge the gap between employers’ needs in the automotive service industry and how students are taught by designing solutions that align schools, students, instructors, training managers, and employers.

Access to Credit and Financial Education:

LIFT: LIFT partners with low-income parents to chart their own path toward economic mobility. Through monthly coaching sessions and direct cash transfers, parents build financial skills, well-being, and social connections so their entire family can thrive.


Camelback Ventures

Lighthouse Labs

Other investments include: