Equitable Access to Economic Opportunity

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Guided by our values, we are inspired by a desire to touch people’s lives in real, tangible ways. We believe that everyone, everywhere should have the same opportunity to reach their full potential and are focused on promoting equitable access to economic opportunity in communities nationwide.

In support of our commitment, we are focused on three pathways to achieve economic opportunity for underrepresented communities: careers, access to credit and financial education, and entrepreneurship. These pathways focus on the people who need help today, so that by taking action now we can build a better future together.

CarMax’s commitment to promoting equitable access to economic opportunity will include close partnerships with nonprofit organizations who have proven expertise at the forefront of local initiatives.


STRIVE's purpose is to ensure that everyone can achieve upward mobility and economic empowerment for themselves and their families. Through comprehensive professional training and intensive personal support, STRIVE provides a pathway to life-changing careers for people facing multiple societal barriers to quality employment. STRIVE helps students lay the foundation to build out long-term financial success through a holistic and proven 5-pillar program model focused on in-demand occupational skills and certifications and designed to propel jobseekers into economically empowering careers. Since 2021, CarMax has provided catalytic funding and volunteerism for STRIVE Atlanta. CarMax associates donate their time supporting virtual mock interviews with STRIVE students and offering constructive feedback to help them land future opportunities.

TechForce Foundation is inspiring a new and diverse generation of transportation technicians by focusing on championing students through their education and into careers as professional technicians.

ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Education Foundation works with over 2,300 high school and college training programs, and over 100,000 students nationally to provide the automotive service industry a viable workforce. The Foundation also offers career development and workplace exposure for students by creating relationships and partnerships between employers and schools.

Access to Credit and Financial Education:

LIFT is a national nonprofit that empowers individuals to break the cycle of poverty. In the last year, LIFT has impacted over 4,700 lives through financial support and coaching on education, employment, and finances. CarMax associates have further supported LIFT’s work through volunteer team builders and understanding the organization’s mission and work. LIFT puts parents in the driver’s seat to set and achieve their goals because they believe that parents know the best way forward to put their families on the path to economic mobility. One LIFT member from Chicago shared, “When I first began with LIFT, I thought this would be good for my son. I didn’t see that it would be something that I would necessarily benefit from. But during that first meeting with my coach, budget and money management was on the agenda, so I knew there was something in it for me too. It was like a breath of fresh air as I knew I needed financial literacy tools and resources to become a better business owner.”


Generational wealth-building through increased support of entrepreneurial endeavors serves as a key tool for economic empowerment. Entrepreneurship requires grit and determination, but it can create generations of financial stability and opportunities. By receiving assistance and money early on, businesses can thrive.

Camelback Ventures
Camelback Ventures increases access to opportunity for entrepreneurs of color and women by investing in their ventures and leadership. Contributions by CarMax and other organizations enable Camelback to support ventures and their founders with capital, coaching, and community.

Lighthouse Labs
invests in the lives of founders™ with a mission to empower diverse founders with innovative ideas. In addition to financial support, CarMax associates provide mentoring and learning support directly to the founders. By receiving assistance and money early on, businesses can thrive. To learn more about CarMax’s partnership with Lighthouse Labs, check out this video.