Our Environment

CarMax looks for and implements new ways to use resources more efficiently and conscientiously.

Respectful of the Environment

A core part of our business is the renewal of used cars. We improve the quality and lifespan of all of the used cars we retail and we take a practical approach to minimize waste and conserve energy.

Recycling and Minimizing Waste

We've developed programs to reduce and recycle our waste. Here are a few examples:

  • Each year we recycle more than five million pounds of everyday products such as cardboard, plastics, and cans.
  • We recycle some of the waste generated by our vehicle reconditioning and service operations. This includes more than 204,260 tires (that can be used in many ways, such as for rubberized asphalt to repave roads) as well as battery cores, used motor oil, and oil filters.
  • 85% of water used in our car washes is reclaimed water, while high-efficiency hand driers minimize paper towel waste and low-flow faucets and toilets further reduce water usage.
  • We work to minimize environmental impact during new construction by working with vendors to reduce the amount of construction waste that goes to local landfills.

Conserving Energy

Our commitment to minimizing the amount of energy needed to operate our stores extends to these energy conservation and renewal measures:

Energy Innovation

We stay informed about the latest innovations in renewable energy and employ alternative energy technologies, such as:

  • Solar power at five stores, resulting in substantial energy savings.
  • Innovative energy recovery wheels in the heating and air conditioning systems at new stores that allow us to heat or cool spaces with up to 50% less energy than conventional systems.

Energy management

Every CarMax store features an energy management system which tracks and optimizes energy usage by adjusting building conditions to match occupancy, weather conditions, and seasonal changes.


  • CarMax stores have skylights to let natural lighting into showrooms and service areas.
  • The energy needed to light our stores is further minimized by daylight harvesting systems which track natural light levels and adjust artificial light levels.
  • Artificial light sources for new stores and sales lots are enhanced by the use of various energy-efficient bulbs including high output fluorescent; LED; and lower wattage, natural white HID. Older locations undergo retrofits to upgrade to more energy-efficient lighting too.


Number of Tires Recycled*

Gallons of Oil Recycled*

Pounds of Everyday Products Recycled*
*All Locations 2013